Teacher Account - Team Members


How can I invite new members (students) to my C9 private workspace? When I try the link that C9 pushed out to other students, we get an error message “Invitation does not exist”


go to the settings of your team, and you must send an invite for each student. Each link is tied to the email it is sent to.


thank you for the quick response. Success!


So team members = students with the Education plan ?
I just created my team and it’s not very clear to me.


Workflow as I see it:

Teacher creates an C9 account
Teacher purchases Education plan, Gives the teacher the control of a team
Teacher invites students via the team settings (username or email)

  • (I Assume) if by username, the student can just accept, or it just happens, no further action
  • if by email, the student can create an account bypassing the CC check.


Thanks for your quick reply. You must be right.
Anyway, documentation is lacking on this point.


That’s because it is fairly new, built on existing features to fit a “new” community need. The documentation may be open source but I have not looked into that much.


Teacher’s might want to see some Education account information from another topic at


Is there anyone that is still in this thread that can help me? I signed up for the teacher account and when I invite students I get this error:

Error adding workspace member
User ‘myemail@gmail.com’ does not exist


I’m sure you’ve touched these bases, but it doesn’t hurt to confirm:

  1. Make sure the email address is correct, not just by looking at it, but through an action (send/reply,etc).
  2. Make sure you have a team. From the dashboard, the teams show up under the (left-side) banner TEAM SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  3. From the dashboard, Click on the SETTINGS Icon (gear), which takes you to a new screen.
  4. Scroll down, and keep an eye out on the left side of the window (menu area) for the team name.
  5. Underneath that name, in order, is SETTINGS BILLING ADMIN . Click ADMIN.
  6. A textbox with a large blue ADD MEMBER button awaits that verified email address from step 1 above. Enter, click the ADD MEMBER button and wet (French for wait).

Hopefully, success. Otherwise, sorry to waste your time.


@jcrubin sounds like you’re trying to add users to your workspace. If you’d like to add users to a workspace, they must have an existing Cloud9 account. If you add them to your workspace by email address, this must be the email address associated with an existing account.

If you’d like to add new members to your team, you can do so following the steps @wdpetry outlined so graciously :pray:


That’s it! Thanks for helping resolve the sign up process for students.


I just tried signing my students up for c9 this morning using the process above. It prompts the students to enter their credit cards. Thoughts?