Tab key stops working?


When editing files within Cloud9, the tab key shortcut (indent) will occasionally stop working. For example, when editing a JavaScript file, this randomly seems to happen. The only way I’ve found to fix it is to close the file and re-open it. There are also certain types of files for which it never seems to work at all. For example, I have a SCSS file open right now, and the tab key does not work at all. Nothing I do makes it work, either. Oddly, outdent (shift+tab) does work.

I’m seeing this behavior in two separate browsers - Chrome and Firefox - so I don’t think it’s an issue with having a weird plugin installed.

Has anyone run into this? What might be causing this and how can it be fixed?


Yea, I’ve found this too.

Can’t figure it out.


are there any errors displayed in the browser console?


No, there are no messages displayed in the console. Clicking Edit -> Line -> Indent from the menu bar works as expected, though. Frustrating.


This smells just like a browser issue. Have you seen this happening in incognito mode (with no extensions running) as well?