Syntax highlighting for HAML on a Rails app



I’ve just added the ‘haml’ gem to my rails app’s Gemfile. I’ve looked around but I cannot find how to get the syntax highlighting to work correctly. The HAML works properly, but is harder to read with it being all white and assuming # means comment and not a <div>'s id

Here’s what it looks like now.

Also, View > Syntax > HAML is selected on this file.


Thanks for reporting this, haml highlighting is indeed quite broken in default theme.
I am working on a pr to fix this now.


I"m also having this same issue. Does anyone know if it’s been addressed at C9?



This is still not resolved, there was an update to ace improving haml mode but it will take a few more days until that is propagated to


This is now what my HAML looks like in the C9 IDE.
Much better, readable. usable.

But I still have some issues with it.
I’d prefer if common rails function names or instance variables were the same shade of blue that they are in Controllers and ERB Views (and basically everywhere else).