Syntax Highlight for Vue js


right now i have set it to javascript syntax but i am getting errors such as

Parsing Error. Unexpected token .

<p v-local-highlight:background.delayed.blink="{mainColor: 'red', secondColor: 'green', delay: 500}">Background</p>

how can I setup C9 syntax highlighting for a Vuejs project?


why do you set the syntax to javascript? Isn’t vue syntax more similar to html?


Set the syntax to HTML.


You exhibit complete ignorance towards a much larger community than what C9 is. Vue.js has 82k+ Github stars and is one of the most thoughtful SPA frameworks on the web.

Most of the advanced Vue.js projects use Pug, and then there is also styles part of the .vue files, which could be either css/scss/sass/stylus/etc.

We have several teams that were considering the use of C9 in our projects but after looking at your reply, we will be forgetting about the idea as a complete nonsense.