Synchronize tabs and layout in IDE on reconnect


I’m moving really often from computer to another right now, because of the summer heat.
My main setup is in a room where it can be really hot, and I’m allowed a desk in a cooler room from where I can work with my laptop.
I put both my laptop and my main in standby when I switch between them.

With this actual workflow, I’m facing a problem : if I open new tabs in the IDE or change the layout of the IDE on one computer, it won’t be synced on the other computer when I wake it up (because it is just ‘Reconnecting’ to the remote server) and it will overwrite the layout I had on the previous computer. The only way to preserve the layout from my previous computer is to quickly press F5 before it sucessfully reconnects.

What the user should expect is to get his previous IDE layout when:

  1. (this works) he fully loads the IDE (i.e. open the workspace from dashboard)
  2. he reconnects to the workspace (i.e. wake up his computer with Cloud9 IDE already loaded in a browser tab)


I reference this related topic.