Synching between Salesforce and Cloud9




I think the synch may have broken between Salesforce and my Cloud9 workspace.

To replicate

  1. Make a change to a class in the SF Org
  2. Wait for the synch to happen (or click the Synch button)

The change is never brought into my Cloud9 workspace.

I swear this was working yesterday…

Any ideas


try running

s9 commit && s9 fetch && s9 merge

in terminal, to see the full error message


Great. That helped.

Our problem was in our package.xml, where an entry was present which had been deleted from SF.

I’m concerned we didn’t see an error in the front end when the synching wasn’t working. As far as we could tell, it just stopped working, but it took a few hours to realise we were working on the wrong version of the files!!!

(also, I didn’t receive an email when you posted your reply. )

Thanks for your help!