Symlink or move


Is it possible to make the equivalent of a symlink in cloud 9. I want to show a buried installed directory in the cloud 9 workspace tree.

something like

ln -s /usr/myinstalledfolder /home/ubuntu/workspace

my other option would be to move the folder to the workspace and then alter the installed PATH

mv /usr/myinstalledfolder /home/ubuntu/workspace/

any ideas. Please correct my code if you see any errors.


Symlinks are supported yes. I have a couple in one of my workspaces where the folders exist outside of the workspace for convenience but are linked inside the project.

The only thing is, since /home/ubuntu/workspace is a pre-existing folder, it’d have to be deleted to make it a link or you can simply make a link inside it. Your choice. Generally, all files are kept within the user folder though.


Just tried it and it works. My mistake was I was making the new folder and not letting the symlink make the new folder. Thanks for the tip. This is what worked

ln -s /usr/myinstalledfolder /home/ubuntu/workspace/myAutoMakeFolder

Note: deleting the symlink folder does not delete the original folder (which is good)