Symfony console doctrine PDO exception



Hello there :slightly_smiling_face:,

I’m trying to start a symfony project with MySQL database. All is fine - I got the app_dev.php to work, then I created database but when i start the symfony console and enter the below:
php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force

I got PDO exception “Could not find driver” and I’m not sure how to install this PDO addon. I have already tried adding new php.ini file into the master directory with but nothing happen it just says that this file do not exist.

So could you please help me with this?

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Do you restart apache after modify php.ini?
Perhaps pdo_mysql is not installed:


Yes, I have restarted it and no change - the same error appeared.
When I reviewed phpinfo():
In section mysqlnd I have:
API Extensions mysqli,pdo_mysql

and in PDO section I have:
PDO drivers mysql, sqlite