Support for react-native


I wanted to start playing with react native but was wondering is it possible to use react native inside of cloud9 somehow?


The trickiest part of this will be running your app and testing it since this usually requires a GUI application for the iOS or Android emulator. I’ve done minimal testing on this and haven’t gotten it to work yet but would be interested in hearing others results.

I found this web Android emulator but I don’t think that’ll do the trick. If you could emulate through your “local” browser then you could serve it up on port 8080 and go from there. Not sure if that’s possible though.


It would be a huge deal if technology one day aligns to make using c9 to develop/test react native apps a reality. Just my vote to keep it on the radar!


@bradydowling maybe this could be an add on I do for the c9.ide.desktop plugin?


That would be awesome!!!


Brilliant idea. I didn’t even think of the implications that could have in conjunction with this.


I’ll add it to my plugin todo list


Found, they use for simulating mobile view. Hope c9 can build something similar.


I’d like to place my vote for a feature like this it would be pretty awesome


If you use expo with react native the only issue is that additional ports are required to be open other than 8080-8082. Would love to see cloud 9 relax the port restrictions to make this possible.


Has there been any updates on this requrest? With react native becoming norm in mobile dev it should be part of the offering like Node and Rails.


Have you checked How to setup React App.
Hope this helps.


check this post.

I was able to connect app on android with Cloud9 but fetching bundle data from cloud9 server to expo app was very slow.