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The docs state there is autocompletion for Javascript, but I’d love to have python autocomplete. Additionally, holding Command (Mac) and clicking on a variable/attribute seems to intermittently take me to the definition. Can anyone clarify if there’s some plugins to better support Python? If not, I’d be interested in helping improve support. Is there an existing group working on this?


Hi there, this is great! I have forwarded this to the IDE team and you should get a message soon :slight_smile:


+1 from me. There is Jedi, an autocompletion/static analysis library for Python, which could be used.


Hi guys. I’m currently looking into Python code completion. Thanks for the suggesting Jedi! The tricky part is in the client/server communication and making sure the latency there is as low as possible. I’ll keep you guys posted.


Hey again! An experimental new Python plugin just landed in production. You can give it a try using Cloud9 > Settings > Experimental > Python Code Completion. The source code is available here:


Cool @lennartcl
I’ve enabled it on my space but there are bugs
the auto complete work but show “empty” options


Thanks for the bug report @geostant! That should be fixed in the latest version. There may still be other bugs, and I’m still working on improving responsiveness. Please let me know if you run into any other issues!


I’ve just tested it with my Gtk application. First it displays the usual stuff in the popup and after a delay of a second or so it shows the properties I would expect. That’s a little annoying :slightly_smiling:.

Google Cloud integration for Python

@oktayacikalin Please try the latest version. A lot was changed to make it more responsive.


@lennartcl Jepp - works much better now! Looks like I’m happy now :slightly_smiling:


This is now in the wild and out of beta so I’m closing this and marking it solved. For more info on this, check out the blog post around it: The New Way to Code Python.

If you see anything you’d like improved or if there are bugs, please make a separate post and be as specific as possible.

Happy pythoning and thanks for the feature request @pegler! :v:

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