Support for native app development


It would be awesome if I could use for mobile development on cloud9. I think only issue is exposing the correct ports for the packager as it doesn’t run on 8080-82. Is this something you would be interested in supporting?

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I was just trying to get this set up today and basically the Expo app can’t seem to connect to my C9 instance.


+1. It would be great if we could connect to the C9 instance via Expo.


This is possible with a slight hack to 2 files in the xdl component. I can share the details if you’re interested. Longer term if would be great if we could configure the ports.

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We’d like to make ports configurable, but unfortunately it is not likely to be implemented in the next couple of months.


I got this to work by using the Expo CLI with tunneling:

Install the expo command line interface:

npm install -g exp

Use expo to run your app:

exp start

Tunneling should be used by default, but you can force tunneling with the following command:

exp start --tunnel

As long as your mobile device is connected to the internet, you should now be able to scan the QR code with your mobile device to run the app.

NOTE: You will be prompted to login to your Expo account the first time you run the Expo CLI.

More info available here:



+1 my god it would be great !! i9 cloud changed my developer life

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Despite the many negatives of AWS Cloud 9, one benefit is that you now have complete control over the EC2 instance that is backing your Cloud 9 environment. You should be able to configure the ports as desired.

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I know it was a while ago but can you remember the hack to the 2 files you did?

Ports can be changed by creating a file in the app root called


The inside that document for example use:

  "manifestPort": valid port number

I am still trying to get it to work and interested to know what you did to the xdl component.

Trying really hard to get it to work.



I have published a medium post to go through with this. Please refer that :slight_smile: Thanks!

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