Suggestion for improved documentation re Node.js projects



I just started a node.js workplace which I’m finding very useful and instructive. I’m more of a Python guy but want to understand JavaScript on the server better.

From the short readme that comes up when we start a new node.js project:

"Once the server is running, open the project in the shape of '’."

I think the naive user might actually use a hyphen as shown, whereas it’s a dot that works. Also, c9 gets redirected to c9users and at least in my case, filing a security exception in the browser, after getting a warning about miss-configured website, was required. In short, I think the readme needs revision.


The hyphen is actually required. While a dot may work using a hyphen to separate the project name and username in the url is also valid.

I do agree that the link needs to be updated to the new link though.