Sublime emulation toggle comment shortcut not working


Hi, pretty new in this amazing place; speechless gratitude to all!
I’ve set my first workspace preferences to Sublime emulation. The toggle comment shortcut (Mac’s command /) does not work at all. On top of that if I trigger it from the Edit menu on a line containing node tags inside html markup, what gets commented out is only the html bit, leaving the node code as shiny as ever.
Thanks for being there… I mean here… ooops anywhere :scream:


Which keyboard layout do you use? Browsers send keycodes for qwerty layout when using ctrl/alt/cmd keys.
If you want to comment out whole tag instead of line, use emmets toggle comment command (you can find it in command manager).


It’s a qwerty layout and has always responded properly when using Sublime straight. It’s funny that other common Sublime shortcuts (involving Mac’s command key) do their job smoothly. Sorry I don’t understand “emmets” and where I should look for the command manager. Thanks