Students unable to clone my workspace



Hello, my students are trying to clone my workspace and it is just hanging on “Backing up Parent Workspace”. They can create new workspaces just fine as a workaround, but I really need them to be able to clone my workspaces.

This is the workspace in question:



Cloning can take relatively long times sometimes, but we’re always looking to get the times down. That being said, I am seeing successful clones being made of this workspace; if there are any users having excessively long waits or workspaces that won’t load after the cloning finished, please send them to so we can take a look


These are the users that tried to clone my workspace and it failed:


(it won’t let me list them properly because of the spam filter on new users)


Are these users still running into issues? If so, is it the same (getting stuck on the loading page)?


All the students eventually were able to get on after the third try cloning workspaces. I don’t know how long it took because I only have them for 45 minutes at a time and they weren’t done by the end of class, so I assume it just kept running.



The workspace ‘gestion_notas’ stuck while resizing. can you help me? please.