Students invited to education team asked for credit card


I signed up for the Education plan but the student I invited is still being asked for credit card information.

Credit Card Required for Free Account

Can you describe the steps they took to sign up? That shouldn’t be happening.


So long as you invite them with an email address that doesn’t have a Cloud9 account yet and they signup via the link in the email that goes out to them, they won’t be required to input a credit card. Best way to deal with this is to go through the process yourself, inviting another email address you own to join the team. This way, you can see what the signup looks like and if indeed you are required to use a credit card.


I set up the Education account and sent them an invite. When they clicked on the link they were asked to either sign in or create an account.

The account creation link asked them for their credit card info.

Did I have to create a workspace first?


No, you don’t need to create a workspace. Did you run through through the process for an email address you own? Sounds like your student might be hitting a rare snag in the process and it’d be helpful for you to confirm that you see the same thing.


I sent an invite to an email address that wasn’t registered with Cloud9 as you suggested. I hit the link, clicked on create new account and it walked me through the setup without asking for credit card info.

I informed my student about this and re-sent his invite just in case the link was wonky.

We’ll see.


Sounds like your student is doing something strange in the process. You might need to sit down next to him/her during signup so you can ensure it’s done properly. If it is a bad link, I’d be very interested to know. Thanks for digging into this :thumbsup:


This exact situation is happening with students in my class. I am sitting next to them while they sign up and they are being prompted for a credit card. We are using a different IDE called in the meantime while I try to figure out the bug with

I have a teacher account and paid for the service, but only about half of my students can sign up without the credit card prompt. This has taken me weeks to resolve because of the lack of support. Please let me know how I can get someone to help me with this!



I have the same problem, I sat down with them, it is still the case. Moreover, some of them, tried to add a valid credit card and it was rejected.

Please offer some information here, as otherwise your system is really useless for us.



I wound up getting all of my students signed up on Cloud9 after sitting down individually with each student. MAJOR NIGHTMARE! But now that they’re signed up, it’s all working just fine. I think using would have been just as good, but I used Cloud9 last year and was comfortable with their platform. Again, I should have just gone the easy route and stuck with the IDE

So, in the end what seemed to work was making everything they ask for in terms of username a very unique identifier. For example: firstnamemiddlenamelastnameabbreviationofhighschool

I believe there were issues with multiple accounts set up on Cloud9. For the students that kept getting redirected to the credit card page, it was as easy as changing the name until we got past the credit card page!



For future reference, please see the steps listed in this thread for further help: