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Dear C9,

At first let me say, I love your product! I use it everyday to work with my friends!
But if I want to go to pro you have only one choice, and I would love to pay for Cloud9 IDE but I am a student and then is $19/month really expensive! Is there noway that in the future that students can get a little better VM in charge of 5/10 bucks? I know I am asking a weird question, but that way I can still pay, and have a little benefit from it.

I’m almost sure that other students would pay too.

What are your thoughts about this?

Best regards,



Hi Berm, you’re not asking a weird question at all :)) We are working on something for exactly this, so stay tuned for just a little longer!



Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

That is awesome! Can you give me any idea what ‘some longer’ means? 1-3 Months or 1-6 months? (maybe even more?). Not that is is required to know, but just to give myself an idea for how long I have to wait.


I think it’ll be a lot shorter than that :slight_smile:


Any update on this? Looking to switch away from :slightly_smiling:

#6 is pretty sweet too, why want to swich?


I prefer a number of things, user interface, project containers, more features. Cloud9 feels like a compete IDE, whereas Koding feels like SSH + text editor.


Definitely agree, even for a non student, the 0 -> $20 price jump is hard to swallow. Will be curious to see what comes of this :slight_smile:

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This is really valuable feedback and thanks for sharing this!

On the student plans: we don’t communicate timelines but this is coming, please be patient :slight_smile: (I know how it feels, urgh… quite annoying).

On the price for the plans: We’re definitely working on this and are looking for the sweet spot, so feedback like this is very welcome. To just explain our perspective and thought process (which might be borken :wink: ): With the free plan you get unlimited! public projects and one pretty beefy private project (1GB Ram, 5GB disk) so you can work on the small projects, etc. - and this is just completely free, nothing, nada :slight_smile: Now the jump to 19,- is pretty steep, I can definitely see that, though with it you get unlimited private workspaces, which we believe is important for moving your workflow into the cloud (we often have a workspace per branch at Cloud9)… If you have suggestions for a middle ground, I am happy to hear them! In the end, writing code and building great software will happen in the cloud (I believe) and that needs to as painless as possible :slight_smile:

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Has there been any update?
Already found it :smiley:
one question, how big can a team get?


That’s for classrooms, not individuals, so it’s not really made to benefit individual students.


Hi there! Do you have any updates on student pricing?


eagerly waiting for a lite student plan… please update us :smiley:


I’m in the same boat and would love a student plan that includes one Hot Workstation and 3 private workspaces with ssh. I would gladly pay around $5 or even $8 a month for such a plan…
–MSIS Candidate UNC-CH School of Information and Library Science.


Still no new about student plan ?
i’m using c9 for free and i reach limits of free accounts. It could be great.


Any news on this? A student account would be great. Even just one hot workspace for about $5-$8/month would be great.


No one seems to have updated this. The student plan is awesome. Teacher pays $1 per month signs up as many students as needed.

Note: Student’s must use the smaller amount of Data and Ram which is fine for most situations.


I’m now working on the website for our FRC robotic team. I really like your ide but hat I really need is only one ssh workspace - and other premium features have (maybe) nothing to do with me.

Looking forward to new billing plans! :slight_smile: