Student email accounts blocking c9


My school has seemingly blocked emails from outside the district for students. They therefore cannot receive the emails to join my team or confirm their account. Is there any way around this? Thanks.

What email address do account creation related emails come from?

Is it just the student emails that are blocked? If so, try using a personal one, if not, and the school has an Educational Plan, ask them how to join it.


It is just the student emails. I set up the education plan, and sent myself an invitation, which I then distributed to the students, but each invitation is set with a specific email address. In addition, the confirmation email, where they set a password cannot be reached by them.
I could use personal emails, but the school frowns on it. Hoping for another solution.
I am working on this end as well to try and get the emails from c9 unblocked.


Yes, unfortunately I’m not sure if the c9 team can do much about it, the best and possibly only solution would be getting the school to unblock the email. Otherwise, I’m assuming you can get emails from c9? If so, maybe signing everybody up and somehow getting all the confirmations sent to you?


I can confirm that there’s nothing we can reasonably do on our end. The suggestions that @dannytech made sound like they are your best bet :thumbsup:


Thanks. I will keep working on my end.


Similar situation here in that students do not have emails or credit cards.

So if correct, students must have email, I send out invite, and they can then join my education team?

It appears there is no way to just enter student usernames and passwords to enroll a classroom. Greg


Indeed, users must have an email address to have an account.


Same situation here. I can invite myself outside the school (at a address) but none of my students
who all have addresses (a Google school intranet account) can receive their confirmation
emails. Our IT frowns on outside emails as well. We’ve investigated whether our firewall is blocking it, and, as
far as we can tell, we are not. We have all amazon traffic marked as allow. We are beginning to wonder if we are blocked somewhere else. We had a big yahoo spam issue between one and two years ago and we have found our site has made it onto some corporate block lists. Can someone unblock so traffic isn’t blocked on your end?


How are you adding (or trying to add) folks? I “thought” I signed up for an educational package, but I see nowhere to invite anyone or send e-mails? If you have some screen shots - that would be incredibly helpful. Everytime I get back to educational, they want me to put in account info for $1 a month, but I am already (and have been for 3 months) being charge that.


I invite them under Admin…there’s an invite members box and button. If I put in email addresses outside my school domain, they get their invites; if I invite students and faculty in with addresses within our domain, they never receive the confirmation email. No hits to the firewall from Cloud9 or an amazonses server are received. I think we’re being blacklisted somewhere.


I am having a similar issue with my students not receiving the Cloud9 confirmation email messages. I have requested that messages from be allowed to be sent to the students and our tech admin said messages from this address have been unblocked. My students are still not receiving the messages. Is there a different address that should be unblocked? Thank you for any help you can provide.

#13 is the correct email address to unblock. There should be no others that you need to unblock.


I am the email administrator for one of the Google Apps school districts experiencing this problem. Google has repeatedly asked me for the headers from a rejected email. The people monitoring email never respond to or even acknowledge my requests. Please help me get this elevated to the appropriate support person. Thanks.