Stuck on 'restoring workspace'


Good Day,

I am currently experiencing issues in loading my workspace during a demostration earlier today. There are some important stuff inside the workspace though …

Under Chrome console it keeps saying 428 Precondition required.

My workspace url is

Anyone could advise on the matter?


Just as an update, opened that link and the same deal for me, so it’s not just you. @moderators any ideas?


Any @moderators that can help?

Update: cloning does not start the workspace either


Cavalry arrived and restored the workspace. Though still unknown what caused the workspace to not start at all.

Thanks for the support from the staff especially from @mutahhir over the weekend! Sorry if I have spammed many of you guys @moderators, got quite anxious as there was this demostration at work that was coming up today.

Thank you all once again for the assistance!