Storing output file on desktop instead of Cloud9



I have created a script using Python + selenium. At each milestone, the script is taking screenshot. Currently it is saving the image in Cloud9. However I would like to save in local machine, since I dont want to waste space in my Cloud9.Moreover, the script is running for just one case. In reality it would be running for multiple cases and hence multiple screenshot. Taking screenshot is important, hence I cannot disable it. Is it possible to store all the images to local machine (the desktop from which I am running Cloud9 instance)?


Hi there,

Your Cloud9 machine is like any other linux machine, so yes you can transfer files from there to another machine, such as the one you’re using to access Cloud9. Feel free to Google how to do this. If you still run into trouble, please describe what steps you’ve taken to solve your issue.




you can download the screenshot manually, automatically saving to local machine is probably a bad idea, since it would be too complicated, and giving cloud9 vm access to your local machine would be bad for security.