Still on $9 micro plan, can't create any workspaces


I’m still on the $9 plan. I had two premium workspaces and a number of SSH workspaces. I deleted one of the workspaces planning to create a new one but now it wont let me. It thinks I’ve got many premium workspaces, as if I had the unlimitted account. So I’m stuck. I don’t need to upgrade right now. Please help!


Sending a PM to figure out the details. Happy coding :slight_smile:


Any progress here? I am currently piggy backing two apps in one workspace… :slight_smile:


Hi @greywire,

Sorry for the delay here. This is due to the new default workspace sizes, and we’re still working on the best way to deal with older Micro accounts and the new default size. The proper fix will be out soon, but until then here’s what you can do:

  • Create the new workspace as public
  • Resize it so that you’re within the quota limits
  • Move it to private (Go to ‘Share’ > Uncheck Public next to ‘Editor’)

Let me know if that helps.



The same goes for me. I have mostly been using it for one project plus some SSH servers. I stopped using the SSH servers a few months ago and wanted to add another private workstation (for now I only need the two) I deleted all of my SSH Workstations to try and help as well as deleting all my public workstations but still nothing. I only have one workstation using half my resources and I still can’t add another.