Starting Ruby, Complete Beginner


I started a work station with Ruby in Cloud9 and thought i could immediately begin running any code I wrote. I’m trying to take an application for a bootcamp. However, I keep getting this message:

When I tried to set root route to root ‘welcome#index’ I get that No Application Seems to Be Running Here.


What does it say in the right upper corner? Browse the documentation!
Did you do that?

Apparently you are also using an older version of rails. Because with rails version >= 5.0.0 you will get another start screen!


If you want to see the root route to welcome#index, you need to:

  1. Create a welcome controller with an index action: rails generate controller welcome index
  2. Create a view for your welcome controller’s index action. (create a file named index.html.erb under the app/views/welcome directory.


Hi, I’m confused and totally new to all of this. I thought Cloud9 automatically runs ruby on rails once you click on it and get set up after the tutorial?


this is the one that I got when i started with cloud9. how would i upgrade?


You should start by reading and following a good tutorial. I recommend the site by Michael Hartl. You can read the book for free, online. Other sources (video’s) for beginners can also be found on youtube.