Starting out on C9... recommendations?


this is my goal…

  1. use C9 (because it looks like it can help me create a CRUD php app)
  2. create the CRUD pages with some tool/software that does the majority of the coding for me

– I can code in PHP, but I need something better, faster, easier than me coding from scratch

  1. so the IDE, tool, software, whatever it is… that I add or install on C9… will:
    a) do the heavy lifting
    b) allow me to customize anything in php (business logic) that I need to
    c) can handle the front in features, validation, look and feel, etc. etc. — i need the end result to look professional.

– I can edit CSS, tweak layout, etc to make it look better

SO I know php, mysql, databases, etc. etc.

Can C9 help me do this?
if so, what would you recommend?

my end goal is this:

  1. I have my own Wordpress site on my own server.
  2. I have my own MySQL DB
  3. to have admin/staff managing data records on the backend AND the public facing data will need to be viewed by site visitors.

PS. I used to use Dreamweaver and extensions, but that ship has sailed.

thanks for your help!!


Cloud9 can do many of the things you want. It is a full-fledged IDE that runs on a Linux Virtual Machine. It can very accurately replicate a production environment, and is able to do a lot of heavy lifting, with the customization you mentioned. Be aware, however, that there is a fair learning curve if you’re not that experienced with things like bash, but if you are, it should feel like home. You’ll be happy to know that there is a Wordpress workspace template, which I believe comes with MySQL installed, and if it doesn’t, it should be fairly easy to set up. If you want to go for an even more advanced and useful service, or if standard workspaces aren’t enough, you could use an SSH Workspace to connect to your server and develop on it. I would suggest that you give Cloud9 a try, it supports what you’re looking for but what it comes down to in the end is how much you like it.


thanks for the reply!

  1. bash, SSH, etc is not my friend (at all)
  2. call me a designer, coder, DB builder, business analyst, etc. BUT if I had to install any of the tools or software… I’m dead in the water. Grin ->> installing wordpress is easy, but you only need FTP.

At this current moment, i’m wondering HOW TO proceed?



Alright, so there may be a learning curve, but the tools I’ve mentioned are things even I didn’t start with. Previous to getting a Cloud9 account, I had never used bash. Again, give it a try. There are plenty of pre-made workspaces that have everything you need installed, and it’s as simple as creating one and hitting the Run button. If you’re doing Wordpress, create a Wordpress workspace and play around with it. I’ve used them before and they’re much simpler than I thought.


@larryk9 note that Cloud9 will help you out with these things and make your life easier but it’s not a self-driving, voice activated car (yet ;)). You will need to do some research about web development, deployment, etc. etc. to don’t expect it be handed to you.

You’ll find lots of good guides and FAQs here in the community as well as at but you’ll have to do a bit of digging to go from 0 to 60 (more car analogies?).


A good starting point might be picking a simple web framework to do those CRUD operations you need. Since you say you can already code in PHP then picking a PHP-based framework would be a good idea.


I’m pretty sure I’m missing an important point (or concept).
OR maybe I’m not understanding what C9 can do for me?
or rather what I need to do in C9 before I get to the point I think I need to be at.

anyway —

  1. is the workspace comparable to my desktop? Where I can configure the look, feel, editor(s), and have the cool features of having a workspace in the cloud.

  2. I don’t quite understand it yet (or maybe very slowly getting it)… that the workspace also can have all the underlying code of basically anything I need to develop in. So basically you can put databases, frameworks, libraries, and various OS, etc. etc.

note: I did create a Wordpress workspace and saw the same files/code, as if I just uploaded WP to my server. So I guess one would be using C9 to create an app in WP is more about creating a ‘plugin’ via php code.

  1. IF the above 2 items are more/less correct, I think the part I’m missing is this:
    I’m looking for a GUI to create the app in php. I’ve never used a php framework (like laravel, etc) but slightly understand its very good :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a GUI to “click” a few buttons on, to do some simple settings and presto — a nice looking, user friendly CRUD pages are created. THEN I go and customize it and/or add the functionality that I need.

Will C9 still work for me?
if so, what would I install on my workspace to do that?


PS. and just to be sure — If I can use C9 like the above, once the app/pages are working correctly, I then take the final code and upload it to my server. Obviously, the same software that is in the workspace, would also need to be running on my server.

  1. Cloud9 isn’t going to be like your desktop. It’s an editor (Ace), which is highly customizable (look, feel, and behavior), and it also has an integrated terminal. It’s just the tools that you need, plus anything you can install using apt.

  2. The workspace runs in an Ubuntu Server VM (as far as I know, can someone correct me if I’m wrong?), and gives you root access in bash and complete control over the system. There’s no desktop (though a Cloud9 extension gives you that functionality, not going to go over that here), just the editor, a treeview of the filesystem, collaborative tools, an integrated terminal, and a few other useful features. As for what you can put in a workspace: again, anything you can install using apt (and other tools like npm and bower), including databases, frameworks, and libraries, but not OSs.

  3. Cloud9 doesn’t give you a magic button, unfortunately. I do think that if you look around, you will find that someone has created a script you can run to do whatever you’re looking for, thanks to the massive community of developers who use Cloud9 or just developers who know exactly what they want and have created scripts to do that.

In terms of being able to replicate the workspace on your server, Cloud9 does provide a significant advantage: being a virtual machine that is basically the same as any server you would use, it is very easy to transfer everything over and will reduce the time spent trying to change code to work in production. In many cases, it’s as simple as downloading your files as a ZIP or Tar file, uploading them to your server, decompressing, and running it. I personally prefer using a Git service like Github, which gives the added advantage of things like CI and deployment hooks. You can then just clone the repo, and you’re ready to go.


Thanks Dannytech…

You help me figure out the missing part :slight_smile: I got a much better understand of what C9 is now.

Although I don’t think I’m going to find what I’m looking for (unless someone else points it out to me)…

example: using the Laravel framework — I can tell its full of great stuff, features, functions, etc. etc. Watched a video of the founder talk about it… great stuff. HOWEVER, in all I’ve seen, I have to write all the code from scratch?
I don’t have the time (or really want to) to learn from scratch. I just want to point and click some GUI, that writes all the code, and THEN I go in and edit it or change the code to do exactly what I need.

so I’m assuming that is the true for any of php frameworks?

but surely there is some GUI that I can use?

thanks again


Unfortunately, you probably won’t find that magic button product. You may, however, be able to find some sort of template to use that gives you most of what you’re looking for, so I’d suggest looking around the internet for one (ex. found this one for Laravel: The only GUI you can use is the Cloud9 GUI, unfortunately, but I’ve found it’s features to be quite powerful.


Something like Bubble might be closer to what you’re looking for. I cant explain better than just checking out their website. Try searching for wysiwyg app creator for other similar options.