Standard disk size (2GB) too small for Meteor v1.3



Sorry to say: after starting a Meteor project and running meteor update (to get the latest version 1.3), my HDD usage reached 1.8+ GB, without any custom packages.

Do you have any plans to upgrade HDD size soon? At least to properly support Meteor?

Meteor harddrive space

Regarding disk space: free plans are limited to 2GB space - consider a paid plan if you need more.

Regarding Meteor: see this reply on Stack Overflow from c9’s Mutahhir.


If that is the case: You might want to take out the C9 <-> Meteor integration because as of v1.3 it just needs too much disk space. Try it out yourself:

  1. Create new project + delete all files
  2. Download the very simple Meteor TODOS sample: git clone
  3. cd todos
  4. npm install
  5. meteor update
  6. meteor
  7. See your disk quota exceeded (or at least getting very close to the max; very likely to exceed it once you add a few packages).

You might have to restart the VM a few times in the process to prevent it running out of memory.


Hi @Domiii,

I understand your point. It’s probably not helpful if you’re new to c9 and you can’t run Meteor on a free plan.

If you need more disk space, I would recommend a paid plan. That being said, the free plan was upsized to 5GB a few months ago but is currently downsized back to 2GB again.

Personally, I don’t see the need of removing any claims of Meteor integration, since it is working fine on larger workspaces. But it’s probably a good idea to point out to free users that their workspace sizes aren’t necessarily big enough for Meteor.



I want to use C9 in my class, and I operate under the principle that if its not free, we don’t use it in class (which hinges on the idea of education being the great equalizer).

Thank you guys for this great tool and making (much of it) available for free! Me and my students will be looking forward to the 5GB workspaces :slight_smile:


I’m really confused right now. How in the world does the disk space go from 4MB on a regular node configuration to 805MB as soon as I type curl | sh??? It takes 2 seconds to complete, and and magically takes up 800MB! Really? I doubt this.

I think you guys are calculating things wrong. There’s no way that it takes up that much space. It just seems you guys maybe want more people to buy a plan so you’re jacking up your calculations to make it look like the 2GB is full.

Don’t get me wrong - your service is fantastically great, but when it comes to this - I feel there’s something off.

** EDIT **
I’ve also uploaded my 2.9MB project tar.gz from another workspace and as soon as I untar/ungzip it, now my workspace magically has 1175MB taken up! That’s nearly a 50% increase from the 860MB it had just after installing Meteor!

My conclusion is that your space calculations are including symlinks of some kind in an inaccurate way. This could lead to loops in the calculation causing things to be estimated at 50 times more space than it actually takes up - perhaps more. What exactly it’s doing is up to you guys to sort out. For now - I’m done messing around here. I’ll go back to editing locally because I don’t need this headache.