SSL on virtual subdomain


The project I am developing has several sub-domains for various tasks. If my main project url is for example, then I need and to function.

I have managed to get the sub-domains working ok, but I need to supply SSL certificates for them, as the invalid cert error in the browser is causing me a major headache during testing. I tried to obtain an certificate with certbot/letsencrypt but it is kicking up a fuss.

Is there any way to obtain a valid ssl certificate for sub-domains on my project?


Unfortunately, the answer is no. All your workspace traffic goes through the Cloud9 proxy, which serves its own SSL cert with a common name of * If you want to have any subdomains a level before that, they won’t be covered by the cert, and will display a warning. At the moment, there is no way around this, so you’ll just have to accept the warnings.


@JamesSwift Hey man

I am trying to setup a couple of sub-domains for a project I am working on. You mention in this question that you have gotten it working :slight_smile:
Would you mind taking a moment to let me know how you did this? I have not been able to find any documentation.
Thanks a bunch!


It seems this works automatically, was that the case by you as well?