SSH Workspaces + CHROOT


Hi Everyone,

over the years i was always checking c9 and now i think its time to migrate my biggest project.

My Problem is that i have a database with live data and for developing and testing i cannot use anonymised or fake data. It would be a nightmare for me, if someone have access to it. Talking about security or not the databases is already >100GB and i think it would be not possible to install it in c9.

My first idea was to use a standard/premium workspace and forward the MySQL port to c9 on demand. If someone would have access to (my) c9 it would never have access to the data, because its disconnected and needs the SSH password (in case someone has access to the bash history).

But then i heard about SSH workspaces, that c9 can access my files on my (dev) server. Basics are clear, but i have still some questions:

  1. If it possible to use a SSH key with a passphrase that on establish connection (opening workspace) its requesting for a password? If not, it would mean everyone has access to c9 (admins, hackers etc.) would have access to my local machine too.

  2. Do SSH workspaces working with a SSH CHROOT environment? If so which requirements are needed? I was already reading about “…bin/node” is needed, but i am not an expert in node.js, only a simple PHP developer, and the docs not really help to find all the requirements. =)

  3. My project already have over thousands php files and hundreds of js files. I know its a lot, but the project is not the newest, but how is the performance especially over SSH (e.g. autocomplete). Autocomplete is very important for me, thats why i was always waiting for migrating to c9. But now basics are working, only showing params are missing for methods.

SSH with a passphrase and chroot would help a lot that now one has access to the db. Does anyone already have some experiences?

BR + Thx a million, Thomas