SSH Workspace Troubleshooting


Following are some common issues seen when attempting to create an SSH workspace.

Could not execute node.js

Node is a requirement for your server to be able to connect to Cloud9. Either Node is not installed on your server or else your Node path is incorrect.

Cannot read property ‘on’ of undefined

The full error may be something like this:

[vfs-collab] Couldn't load node modules sqlite3 and sequelize from /root/.c9/node_modules node version: v4.4.4; node execPath 

Installation Started

Package c9.ide.collab 1 
Installing SQLite

Cannot read property 'on' of undefined installs everything that is required, but sometimes if you run the script in parallel with the installer from the IDE, they may interfere. Try closing all Cloud9 tabs in your browser then run the script from on your server. Then open Cloud9 in a new tab.

Terminal won’t load

Sometimes the terminal won’t load and constantly shows a spinning icon on the terminal tab. This can happen when either pty.js or tmux are broken, reinstalling either of those items should fix it.

Can’t create SSH workspace with Azure Linux VM

Try resetting the SSH key on your VM through the Azure portal.

Other things to try

From your local machine, can you access your SSH server without a password?

If you’re being asked for a password then you haven’t added your key correctly :slight_smile: Adding your SSH key to your server allows you to SSH without the need for a password.

This is required for Cloud9 so we don’t have to grab your password or input your password at any point. Ideally your Cloud9 SSH key will be on the server and then you’ll instantly have access via the IDE.

Try adding the SSH key for your local machine to your server and then make sure you can get in without being asked for a password. Once you’ve got that going, follow the same procedure with your Cloud9 SSH key and then try creating the workspace once again.

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