SSH Workspace error, EDISCONNECT: Agent disconnected


Hi everyone, i’m having this issue that’s been happening since like 15 hours ago, while my internet connection is working fine, when I try to save a file in my workspace it says EDISCONNECT: Agent disconnected and starts Reconnecting every 3 seconds, I have to try like 20 times to save a file before it’s finally saved, also while that’s happening some of my terminals that have been running with no problem for more than a week started to show this message [exited] for no reason interrupting the programs i’m running. All of that has been happening since 15 hours ago and it’s really annoying. Idk if this is a problem of Cloud 9 or if I did something wrong with the workspace. I have a SSH workspace hosted in digital ocean with ubuntu 14. If anyone can help me would be awesome thanks in advance!