SSH Workspace CodeIntel Autocomplete for PHP not working



I have had an SSH Workspace setup for awhile now connected to our Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server and it works great, but in the last couple months I have noticed that the PHP autocomplete stopped working. I did notice this same issue several months back as described here but that eventually went away and I think corresponds to the same time that the autocomplete stopped working correctly. I do get some code completion functionality if I am in a file that already has that function defined or used, but it’s not the full bubble of function details and options like I am used to.

I have looked into tweaking the php part of the config file for C9 in my home directory ( ~/.c9/project.settings) but couldn’t find any documentation or info on what config options are available for that anywhere. I have also made sure that codeintel and virtualenv are up to date and setup according to these instructions.

Any help on this would be super welcome as I love the c9 cloud in browser IDE setup being able to run on my own server, but the efficiency loss of not having code completion might be a deal breaker if I can’t get it working. Thanks!