SSH into C9 Workspace through nat



I come across a idea that if I can remote control the c9 workspace on my laptop. Through several trial, I find a solution to it by using a Dynamic Nat Binding software called Nat123 to reverse the Google Firewall. The main idea is show as follow:
step1: create another user account $(USERNAME) in the docker, whatever the name, but remember to add it to sudo and root group.
step2: switch to that account, then create a .ssh folder and create private and public RSA key for local test.
step3: add RSA public key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. At present, you can ssh locally if you didn’t mess up in previous steps.
the hard thing is :

  1. Ip of the docker changes constantly
  2. docker is in a subnetwork
  3. Google only open limited port for users

so we can install a software which can update the domain name’s A record dynamically(binding docker’s IP to a specific domain name automatically and constantly ). There is a proper software, which can do this work. However, this software’s webpage only in Chinese. But it is sure that you can find an alternate one.
step5: port mapping: localhost:22->(DOMAIN):(PORT)
step6: add SSH public key of your laptop to authorized_keys
step7 : ssh (USERNAME)@(DOMAIN) -p $(PORT)

so,this is only a brief instruction to solve the problem.
if you are interested, please email to for detailed instrucitons.
Thank you for your attention!


detailed instructions are finished in Github: