SSH access to workspaces


If we could have SSH access into C9 workspaces, it would be a massive enhancement to Cloud9.

For instance:

  • Right now the only git mergetool we can use is Vim Diff, which I would argue is one of the most difficult merge tools. If we want to use something else we have to pull down locally, merge, push up, then switch back to C9. If we had SSH access to the workspace, I could connect with a mergetool easily.

  • It would open up the ability for people to use any local editor, essentially a huge feature for free as a by-product. I know I would work on a plugin for VS Code to integrate specifically with Cloud9 for instance, which would mean people who love VS Code are more likely to sign up for Cloud 9.

  • It would open up other tools that developers love. Things like database workbenches (Navicat, Sequel Pro, Etc.). Right now the only way for me to look at my database with a GUI is phpmyadmin or similar.

Basically the C9 workspace management is awesome. I love being able to create a workspace in a few clicks, clone one, have all of the preview, SSL, etc. features handled automatically for me and I don’t want to lose that by using the existing SSH workspaces. But I do want to be able to use a local editor when it’s support for a language or features are better, and use other tools that are only available locally like better merge tools or mysql workbenches.


SSHing into hosted workspaces is unfortunately incompatible with our current workspace structure. If you feel that you need SSH access to the host itself, we recommend looking into bringing your own machine and using an SSH workspace on your host.