SSH access to workspace


Hello, i’m currently using a kind of code which is not known, the only extensions i have for coding properly with this language are on my Visual Studio pack,and i’d really like to be able to connect through it to my cloud space on c9. Your editor is awesome for sure,but Visual Studio would allow more people to code on their client pc without accessing their space on the browser. I don’t know if this is possible/allowed,so just in case sorry for wasting your time.
Thank you.

Can't type anything into terminal?

You can use Cloud9 on your local PC if you’d like to use an editor that isn’t in your browser. You can get the installer for that here: You still need to be connected to the internet to use it though. Is there anything in Visual Studio specifically that you’d like to see in Cloud9?


Unfortunately I’m on a windows machine,i’d really enjoy compatibility with Visual studio plugins,and with Windows ^^

Thank you.


Perhaps you could copy/paste a code snippet in here and the language can be identified. It’s possible that Cloud9 already supports that language.


So i’ve compared the syntax with other languages and more or less is the same of Java. So problem number one solved, but I’d really like windows compatibility of your local cloud9 editor. That’s all.


@Dardo the local cloud9 editor works on windows. Did you try installing it from


I think that’s for setting up a local server,i’d like to have a local Editor that works remotely with my Cloud9 space. Maybe i’m misreading the github page.