Srclib (multi-language code analysis library)


Today I stumbled across this project:

srclib makes developer tools like editor plugins and code search better. It supports things like jump to definition, find usages, type inference, and documentation generation.

srclib consists of language analysis toolchains (currently for Go, Python, JavaScript, and Ruby) with a common output format, and developer tools that consume this format.

Cloud9 already has good JavaScript support, however, support for other programming languages is quite rudimentary. If Cloud9 would add srclib support, the IDE would suddenly have support for Go, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and Haskell - and all languages srclib adds in future (they’re already working on support for PHP & Java). (List of supported languages.)


@lennartcl has been working on integrating something like this. He can go into much more detail. For sure, this is a great idea.