Split string in a multiple line (javascript)


I often need to cut a string on many lines, I wish to have a to cut a string with a keyboard shortcut, for example :

var str = "my string is long so I want to cut it";

became :
var str = "my string is long "+ "so I want to cut it";


You see that would require to know what you selected(you have to select over), plus the other part of the string…


I often see this feature in other IDE (eclipse, webstorm). When pressing enter in the middle of the string, the string is
cut at this place (in my example the cursor would be before the “so” when press enter)

I don’t seek for exact behaviour of other IDE that always cut the string on ENTER but a shortcut (for example CTRL+ENTER) to achieve this feature would be a real improvement for my usage.


Well one of the feauture i use the most in Cloud9IDE Is Ctrl+D / MultiSelection… it helps a TON!!! I dont udnerstanst the feauture you are talking about though… if you think its that easy, maybe you can help implement cloud9ide that feauture.


I put images to make it clearer :

I have no idea if it is difficult or not to implement. I never worked on IDE developpment
But maybe it already exists and I did not find the proper way to do it…


Lol there is no technology called IDE Developement… Cloud9IDE Was made purely using Javascript as stated here.


I just saw prefrences, and there are TONS of “autocompletes?”… but there are tons of them. you should look over them!