Spell Check in Editor


Ok so, I find it lacking a spell checker. My spelling isn’t always very good and most of the time I can’t remember how it’s spelt. I know the browser has a spell check feature but it doesn’t work in the editor. I don’t know how you could pass that function into the editor.

For now, I have to edit the files on my local machine for errors and whatnot but that almost defeats the point in doing it in the cloud.


Hah, I love the idea and have passed it to the team. To already give you an honest heads up, right now we don’t have the capacity to work on this. I wonder though if this could be part of ACE which is our open source editor. Have you seen https://ace.c9.io/#nav=about ?


I have viewed the Ace website, it’s nice. Unfortunately, I do not have the skills to add such a functionality. I don’t even know what would be required to add it in. Just whenever y’all can add it, no pressure. If any luck, maybe it’s already in the form of a javascript lib and would just have to be imported somehow. The post creation dialog on this forum supports the browser’s spell check function.

Hopefully there’s a much smarter programmer on here that could possibly help out. :slightly_smiling:


In the spirit of knowledge sharing an hoping someone else will do it :wink: Here’s an old plugin I found for Ace that does this exactly, perhaps it can just be merged: Spellcheck for Ace.

There’s also this Stack Overflow which offers a bit more info.


So I’ve been fiddling around with it, I’ve added the files posted in that git repo but i’m not sure sure how to hook it in. I’ve got the ace-editor in a workspace.

the file locations;


I also replaced the ace.js with the one linked in the repo. I'm not finding any errors but I'm also not seeing any added functions. If I use the console debug in chrome and type ```spell_check``` it gives me ```Uncaught ReferenceError: spell_check is not defined```. So I'm not sure atm.

Workspace URL: https://ide.c9.io/jms1989/ace-editor