Specific instructions for converting/ importing .tmTheme file?


A bit a noob here…

I’ve created my own theme, and I’m trying to import it, but I’ve read through the documentation (https://cloud9-sdk.readme.io/v0.1/docs/import-a-textmate-theme) and it’s unclear what commands I need to do to convert the .tmTheme file to .css. Specifically:

$ cd core # the directory where you cloned the SDK
$ cd node_modules/ace/tool
$ npm install; cd ..
$ node ./tool/tmtheme.js mytheme path/to/MyTheme.tmTheme /path/to/plugin/themes

How do I clone the SDK? Does doing so create the core directory?

Obviously once I do, I replace “mytheme” path/to/MyTheme.tmTheme with my file & path to it (assuming I uploaded it to my workspace, right?).

What is path/to/plugin/themes?

Any help would be much appreciated. The article written isn’t very clear.


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller…Bueller…


Same issue here - how do I import my tmTheme into my Cloud9 instance? Instructions provided seem to deal with downloading SDK and creating a plugin. Is there not a simpler option for something this basic??