Sometimes typing hesitates for several seconds



Hi. After I’ve been on for several hours, I type a line of text, and the characters on the screen are several characters behind. After a few seconds, they catch up.

I’ve tried using “top”. It doesn’t tell me what’s sucking up the cpu time. Or perhaps some other resource is being waited for?

Is there a tool I can use to diagnose this problem?

Are other people experiencing it?


do you see this behavior in terminal or the editor?
For the editor one possible cause may be too much memory used by the language worker. Do you see this when editing javascript files or other?


Hi, Harutyun.

The editor. Javascript.

I was thinking my Apache session may be sucking up time, but I don’t really think so. It’s not doing much. Doesn’t show up on top, for instance.

Is there a tool that will enable me to see where time is going? On Solaris it might be DTrace. But I don’t know what it is for Linux.


The relevant part is in your browser, you can use task manager in chrome to see how much memory each tab takes.


Hmm. I’ll see what the Chrome task manager says.

I believe it’s on the server, not in the client. But I’ll check.


I see that strace is installed. But as far as I know, I would have to be “outside” the environment to run it on the process that is the environment.


Editor depends only on your browser, it uses server only for saving.


Oh. I was imagining that I had what amounted to an X-Window to a session on the server. But it’s more like a single page application.

Upon reflection, that makes sense. Thank you.


I’d like to add a little more information. When I saw that my keypresses weren’t appearing, I cmd-tabbed over to the Activity Monitor and caught it. A Chrome process was at 101% cpu.

I dbl-clicked it so I could examine its details. Then I matched it up to a process in Chrome’s process manager by memory size. It’s the Cloud9 tab. I wondered whether some other tab was sucking up the cpu, but no.

The line for the process in Chrome’s process manager is this:

Task                       Memory    CPU    Network    Process ID
Tab: abe170308 - Cloud9    528 MB    0.3    0          1169

So it’s definitely Cloud9, but I don’t know which thing within Cloud9 takes time.

Did you mention language helps? Is there a feature I can turn off, to see whether it helps?