Something is broken!



so this has been happening all morning… No styles, no workspace, code hinting/color coding/syntax, everything having issues right now…


Haven’t tried it on Firefox, but this fixed the issue on Chrome for me.
Inspect > Application > Under Storage, clear Local Storage/Session Storage/Cookies


Same issues here. Tried the already suggested flat.css solution, clearing browser data solution, and clearing website solution. When I visit the login page, I see this picture with this in the console.

I can’t type into the username and password boxes.


Same problem here. Any idea what is going on?


I am having the same issue. Cannot login. I have tried firefox, safari, and chrome and no luck on any of them. I tried chrome on my phone and it logged me right in…weird. Following for a solution so I can get back to coding.


same problem here, looks slightly different in Firefox and Chrome, but I am unable to log on to my IDE environments. Sure hope C9 fixes this fast