Some files are not displaying in IDE


But when searching them via command line they are in the file system. I have restarted the workspace but the problem is always present. If I try to open them with double click from terminal, a message appear suggesting me that the file has been deleted.

The file with the problem es parameters.yml


You may not have permission to view them in the IDE. can you run ls -la in that folder to show permissions.


This is what I got

By the way, before this I had another folder called …/workspace/osTicketSymfony and another called …/workspace/symfony. I deleted the first one and renamed the second one with the name of the first one. Maybe there is where the error/bug raised.


Try refreshing the file tree. sometimes it doesn’t always auto update.


After some hours, now Its working.


Any idea why is started working? I’m having the same issue.