[solved] Mongod: command not found



I’ve been using this FreeCodeCamp to set up multiple projects successfully with this guide:

But now mongod seems to be not working anymore. I am check my old projects too, but they are working perfectly. I even deleted the current workspace and tried a second time. What am I missing?

waschmaschine:~/workspace (master) $ mongod bash: mongod: command not found

Update: I compared the different “/usr/bin” directories, and in the new one there is no mongo, mogod, mongodump, etc. Do I need to install it extra?
Update2: I did and it works again.


Mongo was removed from the workspace image for licensing reasons. For more info, see this thread about why we removed the Meteor workspace.


Thanks for reporting this. I’ve emailed Quincy at Free Code Camp to let them know about this so they can update the tutorial accordingly.

If you run sudo apt-get install mongodb-org in your workspace you should be good to go.