[SOLVED] Cant seem to preview my files D:


So I decided to give this a try (Free version) so I copy pasted my .html .css and .js and tried to do a live preview and for some reason it did not want to load my background and alot of my elements and said I had unmatched tags.

I could not see anything wrong with the code and it works outside of here.

Thank you


Can you please throw us a link (something like https://ide.c9.io/YourName/YourProject) to your project so we can take a look at your code? Without that it would be practically impossible to answer your question.

Unless you took care to make it private, your project is probably public anyway, so it’s not like you’re giving away a secret. And it’s read-only for us strangers, so you’re not running a risk of having your stuff vandalized.


Ugh :confused: Isnt there a support team?


Maybe I am not doing something right.

I have my html tab css tab and js tab.

I click on html tab and click preview live previw it loads html but not css or js…

It works outside of cloud 9 so it has to be something with cloud 9.

Isnt there someone that can help without me revealing my code


Maybe you are using http urls which are blocked by browser on https page?




I changed the above to public.

Does that help anyone with helping me?

Thank you in advance!


there is a typo in the filename of the css file


Holy jeebus…I cant believe that was why .

Haha thank you. I have them titled diff on local machine for some reason… ARGH

Thank you very much harutyun

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