[SOLVED] "Archiving" Workspace stuck


I sent messages to a Cloud9 employee and to premium support. But I didn’t receive any answers. From hours my workspace is on “Archiving status” and I cannot work. How is possible just 3 people provide assistance in a big company like Cloud9 (Amazon?) and just on West America timezone?

Many thanks.


I’m suffering from the same issue too. Is it just slow or is there an underlying problem? Have you had any feedback?


(PRO Salesforce User)



The workspace doesn’t work at all and I don’t have that code on GIT (just this workspace… :frowning: ) and if you try to clone the workspace you will get an error (Can’t clone workspaces in state 21). I spammed messages everywhere but no one reply me (I am Pro user!). A Cloud9 employee has the last seen 1h ago but he didn’t reply me.



Mine seems to be working again … everyone else sorted too or is it ongoing?


I tried to clear the cache but the workspace doesn’t work


Now the workspace works.

Many thanks.


I’m in the same boat. Stuck workspace.


My partner and I have been experiencing the same problem for over an hour. Support would be appreciated.


Curious if Support ever responded and / or did it take 2 days? I’d like to know before I consider signing up for Pro. Thanks!


mine too not working.any help will be appreciated