Solution für running QT5 Gui python program on a Beaglebone Black in Cloud9 Debugger



Hello Community,
I develop a Python program with QT5 GUI on a Beaglebone Black with Debian Stretch.
The development plattform is a Cloud9 IDE on a Windows 10 PC.
The problem is: If i start a Python program with a GUI, this can not be displayed in the Cloud9 IDE.
I am looking for a solution to start the program directly (with Run) in the Cloud9 debugger.
There are many solutions (i.e. noVnc, C9-vnc, Putty + Xming, etc) to remotely open a terminal on the Beagle-bone and allow the Python GUI to run. However, this make the development process to slow and I can’t use the Debugger.
The best solution would be, if the grpahical output was redirected to a PC (Windows or Linux) with X-server.
Is there a developer who has found a configuration that works just like that?
Maybe I’m making a thought mistake and did not use the tools properly.

Note: I worked in my local network on the beagbone without a cloud9 Account and Workspace.

I would be very happy if someone had a solution.