Sold down the river

Very disappointing.

The migration wizard carries over the run configurations but not the scripts that it needs to work (e.g. run-Apache2).
I’m not a nix/apache guru and I’ve found myself googling how and where to setup up envvars as I made use of the .env file and now I’ve got some sort of PHP error: Failed to determine HOME directory after trying “sh: 1: cd: can’t cd to ~”.

I liked Cloud9 because you could quickly boot up a stack without having to install and configure a framework first.

AWS Cloud9 doesn’t do this and won’t even let you clone a workspace!

I’m just using the migration wizard as somewhere to store stuff in Amazon while I look at other IDEs or docker.

AWS Cloud9 is a massive step backwards.

Yes, I totally agree with you. The following pages helps me a lot to run Apache on AWS EC2 Cloud9 :