So many errors on Cloud9


Hello there! I’m just running a Web server through the services of Cloud9.
But I had too many errors while using the services of Cloud9.
Intermittently but in Cloud9 server do not know whether the user has many such of, HTTP server displays a 408/409 error code, there is a symptom of the Web site is not accessible, this is Cloud9 web site ( In addition, this error will occur. Of course, I have a is a temporary condition, gives the trouble to use this phenomenon is seen as too often occurs. And there are other problems. Create a Cloud9 Workspace, an error from the console on the way If you try to sudo apt-get update will occur, but do not know this for a to, you can not install a variety of packages. Typically package installation is interrupted on the way to install the vsftpd, will cause symptoms that are not proceed the installation. It’s very satisfactory use to, but regrettable such symptoms occur, but, I would like to thank the people of Cloud9 management staff that will provide such a service for free.

// English is not my first language. so please excuse any mistakes. :slight_smile:
// Where I have been living is the Republic of Korea of the Asian continent. I would appreciate to the point in reference to.

Best Regards,
Eugene Hwang



It would be nice if you could share some of the error outputs you encountered and how to reproduce them.


I HTTP408 / 409 error out of the question the problem is also sometimes occurs, rather than a specific time, for what is a problem that occurs in time, is difficult to a reliable answer.



I’m not sure to fully understand the issue but I think I might have a similar problem.

I’m getting a lot of 408 errors when trying to access the c9 website and/or workspaces. I’m pretty sure it is not related to my devices nor OSes because I’ve tried with a Mac, a linux destkop and even an iPad.

The issue is not happening constantly but sometimes I’ll have to refresh 10 or 15 times to finally get to c9. Of course, I don’t have this issue with other websites.

If you have any idea where this could come from … Please ask if you want to know more about my setup.