Smooth Scrolling in IDE?



I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but when I scroll with my mouse wheel in the IDE while on Firefox 45.0b1 / Windows 7, instead of the scrolling being smooth, it jerks down almost 20 lines.

Smooth scrolling works on all my other tabs in Firefox so I am thinking this is a setting somewhere or a bug?


Smooth scrolling for the editor is not implemented. But it is not supposed to jump 20 lines.
Could you check if editors on following two pages work better?


The first one scrolls perfectly!:

Would it be possible to incorporate it as my editor?


There are still some issues with the first one which we need to fix in order to deploy it to cloud9, will take a couple of weeks.


I understand – once it is deployed, will it start to work automatically? Or will I need to select the feature manually?