Simple File Compare feature


I think it’s useful to have a simple file compare option. Maybe just select two files and it can highlight the differences - something like that - it doesn’t have to be as complex as Beyond Compare etc.


That would actually be a really good feature.

And right now you can use the default Linux diff file1 file2 command. It shows each line that changed.


I would love this feature. I always need to compare code from different repos.


This feature is really needed, I need to handle it outside of Cloud9, it would be awesome to have something like the Compare plugin of Notepad++


I found a desktop gui made for c9 then used kdiff3

It would be nice if this was a built in feature though.


Would love a visual diff, too


Solution from a duplicate thread is to use GitHub Compare View:

@eharman May '17
What about checking your code into GitHub for future work and then comparing different branches or commits?
Comparing commits across time