Signup problem, no captcha show when creating new accout


When I sign up the cloud 9, after inputting credit card info, it go to the creating account page, it show a message - need to know you are not a robot, but I can not find any captcha on this page, I tried with firefox and google chorme, How can I hand this?
Need help.
Thank you!


@pepe998 did you manage to solve the problem? I have the same problem. I’ve tried with Chrome, Firefox and Explorer, nothing works. Apparently this has been a problem for several months now. When will this be fixed?
According to this page it shouldn’t be a problem anymore? And this thread about the same issue has been closed since October. What now?


Can you open up the developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+i) and post any errors you see there? Also, it would help if you could provide some screenshots so we can see exactly what’s going on.


The CAPTCHA doesn’t appear and when I try to continue it says I haven’t completed the CAPTCHA.
This is the only message I get in the developer tools.


The CAPTCHA is still not showing and I can still not become a member. Please help.


Okay, so I figured out what the problem is. I’m in China and the great firewall is blocking the captcha. If you happen to have the same issue, a good VPN should do the trick.


sorry, I still do not understand, should I close the firewall?


If you have a firewall set up on your network, I recommend disabling that in order to see if you can access the CAPTCHA (the CAPTCHA is provided by Google). If you cannot disable the firewall, you may need to find a VPN that provides access to Google’s CAPTCHAs.

Hope this helps!