Signed up for team but plan still says free



Hi! I have signed up for the educational plan, however after first login, the dashboard told me I was on the free plan.
Ok then, I upgraded my plan from within the dashboard from free to educational, with good results at the end of the transaction (seemingly I could see the new features on the dashboard). However, after logging out and in back again, my plan keeps telling me I am on a free plan, not on an educational one. What could be happening? Thanks in advance.

Cloud9 for Teams FAQ
Education Plan FAQs

Sounds like you are looking at your individual plan, not your team plan. Head to your billing page to see what individual plan(s) you’re on as well as any teams you have on the left-hand side.

Once you find the team you want, you can click on Admin and start inviting new members to your team.

Have a look at team plan FAQs for more info on team/individual plans.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile: