Sign in with Bitbucket creates new account


I have registered using github before, and I’d like to sign in using BitBucket. I am using the same email address in Github and BitBucket.

Today I tried to sign in using BitBucket, but after I input my email address, I was told it was used already.
I guess in your system, email address must be unique. But I think probably you need to consider the third part id as well.

Please tell me how to login using bitbucket.


If your Bitbucket account is not linked to a Cloud9 account, logging in with Bitbucket will create a new Cloud9 account. In your situation, you’ll want to:

  1. Log in with Bitbucket
  2. Delete that account
  3. Log in with Github
  4. Connect that account to Bitbucket

Then you’ll have your email address, Github account, and Bitbucket account all on one Cloud9 account.