Sigh, Okay now, how to actually create a custom C9 run configuration?



So I believe I’m getting closer on figuring out how to get my laravel project running under xdebug. It will take a custom application runner. I’ve found an example script for doing this. However when trying to follow these directions:
Custom Runners

what I see in the IDE isn’t what I was expecting as described in the instructions from this resource.

I have the json script… I try and do:

In the Run panel (usually at the bottom of the UI), click the 'Runner' text input and choose 'New Runner'. In the new Runner file that's now opened, you can configure your runner using a simple JSON format. We'll show a basic example below and then explain the different properties you can use.

When I open the panel I see this:

from in here, where do I put my script… there’s text control marked with “Command”, would the entire json script be copied into this? Wouldn’t make sense.


You’ll want to click Runner: Auto in order to get to the New Runner menu.


Okay… thanks! Not so obvious.